5BY-V Seed Coating Machine

Technical characteristics:

(1)It adopts unique dual grade overspeed atomization device to make cone shape seed and atomized liquid medicine mixed completely by high speed rotation to improve the adhesion of liquid and seed and coating uniformity greatly.

(2)It adopts advanced elastic auger coating conveying device and is more suitable for coating of breakable seed, easy for cleaning without broken seed.The machine uses all-enclosed structure to avoid the medicine smell which is harmful to the operator.

5XC-5.0 Pre-cleaner

Main usage: 5XC-5.0  pre-cleaner can be used for seed pre-cleaning of wheat, corns and paddy rice to separate large impurities (such as stones,  hemp rope, broken ears and stem leaves)from seed.

Technical characteristics:

With low noise and cracked ratio, the machine adopts all-closed structure which can avoid dust damage and improve safety.

5XF-1.3K Seed Cleane

     1. Working Principle: Seeds and other impurities are separated by their different physical and mechanical properties. It mainly employs characteristics following to work (1) Winnowing part, depending on weight and aerodynamic characteristics, can get different air velocities by changing sectional area of inlet duct and then realize cleaning. (2) Screening is based on size differences of seeds and impurities, and is realized by given mesh holes. There are round hole and slotted hole screens for the machine.