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DC Serie Intelligent Color CCD Color Sorter

High speed, high resolution 4096PIXEL CCD sensor; SOC Platform to realize stable, reliable, ultra-fast mass data processing; Expert sorting solution realizes one key debugging; remote debugging, diagnosing and maintenance. Four core technologies to ensure your operations.

DC Serie Intelligent Color CCD Color Sorter of Large Capacities



Mass and high speed data transmission system with a strong anti-jamming power and a more stable data transmission. Successfully solve a variety of color selections of high difficulties, meet the color sorting needs for high yield products, and provide better color sorting results.

C Serie Intelligent CCD Tea Color Sorter

The application of domestic high quality trough with an extra width of 300mm, and the special anodizing treatment technique are able to make sure of the yield and make the product reach the international first class level at the same time. It can be equipped with waterfall plate and narrow grooves, and can meet the color sorting requirements of a variety of materials.

L Serie Belt-Type Color Sorter



Using the structure of track transmissions and the color sorting function is good. The stable transmission of materials is able to effectively increase the take out ratio and the net sorting accuracy rate, and in the meanwhile, effectively reduce the percentage of damages of the materials in the process of color sorting.