5BY-2.0 Seed Coating Machine

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  • Product Name: 5BY-2.0 Seed Coating Machine
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Working principle: The machine is composed of frame, feeding device, dosing apparatus and etc. Seed is adjusted by counterweight outside the feeding hopper on the frame, but seed cannot flow out the weighing hopper. When the seed in weighing hopper reaches to the adjusted weight, the weighting hopper shall automatically turn over, seed shall flow into agitator by surge bin below the frame. Meanwhile, weighing device starts synchronous action to add the liquid medicine into cartridge to agitator, and under the function of agitator, the medicine and seed shall be mixed evenly and discharged by seed outlet, and this is the whole coating process. 

Main usage:The machine adopts auger feeding agitator and is with compact structure and easy to adjust. It also adopts volumetric metering system, and can be used for coating process of grain, cotton seed, cereal seed and grass seed in specified proportion range.

Technical characteristics:5BY—2.0 seed coating machine is developed on the basis of American sample machine. The machine has characteristics of stable performance, high productivity and simple operation. It is suitable for seed coating of wheat, corn, beans and delinted cotton seed.

Main technical parameter:

Productivity (kg/h) : 2000(wheat)

Total motor power (Kw): 1

Size (mm): 1266*560*1100

Weight (kg):250

Rotating speed of agitating shaft(r/min): 280-380

Proportion of seed and medicine: 1:25-1:120